Younger Children Easter Retreat in Europe OC

The Lord is risen and the young children learned all about it during a children dedicated Easter retreat in the UK.

The retreat followed a program equally filled with Bible study and prayer time as well as activities and fun play time. They learned the facts of the cross and resurrection and about the Lord’s love for us and how He is the savior of us all and that He will always be with us. His sacrifice gives us eternal freedom from our sins and forgiveness. He also promised us the gift of the Holy Spirit while He is going to heaven to prepare an eternal home for us so we can be with Him forever. Death could not stop God’s love for us and this was shown through His resurrection. The children were touched learning that it is not a fairytale but Jesus’ love and sacrifice for us is real.

Activities included among others, making Easter cards, creative play dough Easter scenes, Bible words focused Easter egg hunt.

During playtime the children enjoyed outdoors playground and walking through the meadows. They testified it was great fun and became closer friends with each other.