Virtual Choir To Contain More Souls, Expand Mission Network

During the weekly conference between Jubilee HQ and Jubilee EU, the next direction for the virtual choir was discussed in depth with more activities like a fellowship chapter.

Jubilee HQ has been trying to closely co-work with each continent for department related projects. Jubilee EU has been taking a lead of mission with outer network through mission virtual worship choir.

As preparing Jubilee anniversary virtual choir, so far about 20 people said yes to join. And with a plan to continually invite people each week, ministers laid down specific plan to operate the activities and contain people with stronger identity of the ministry.

While monthly project will encourage all registered members to join regularly, smaller projects will run with those who are more passionate and active, with musical selections of well known worship, hymns, and chorale.

On top of which, monthly Zoom online fellowship will be held with the purpose of unity and showering. Program will be consists of worship, message, greetings, testimonies, and more.