UK Teens Commence Summer Program

This week marks the outset of the UK teens three-week-long program. In times of service, periods of studies and moments of fellowship, teens hope to inch ever closer to their faith in God to receive a deeper, richer and more profound understanding of God’s love.

This program began with one of many Bible studies held in the chapel of Pilgrim Hall. Peter delivered a passionate message on the “Purpose of Life”. Further imparting knowledge of God the creator, the man that is part of creation, and reasons of mankind’s existence to other teens. Following the Bible study, an academic session was in place. Where teens were able to enhance the topic of which they lacked or had notable enthusiasm on subjects indirectly related to school. Continuing, teens assisted in sanitary procedures after lunch, acquiring new necessary skills that would be essential for their daily lives.

Teen concluded the first day’s program with a time of prayer, where many shared reflections of the program and prayer for their yearnings to grow spiritually in God through this program.

Teens all held smiles on their faces as the day came to a close. They developed the relationship both in God and one another, anticipating abundance of grace from the Father above will pour out onto them for days to come.