UK OC Sunday Service: She Did It To Prepare Me For Burial

UK OC members gathered for Sunday service at Pilgrim Hall Chapel, with Pastor Jeremiah delivering the sermon from Matthew 26:6-13 titled ‘She did it to prepare me for burial’.

What the woman had done to Jesus was regarded as waste in the disciples’ thought, but Jesus said that was a beautiful thing and she did it to prepare for His burial. The disciples did not understand Jesus’s teaching, while this woman opened her eyes and saw the teaching of Jesus. She understood the meaning of His death and His love, so she offered all she had to Jesus.

The woman’s deed is so different from the other disciples. In this world, most people think religion is about doing good things and having good deeds. However, the gospel is not what we can do but what God has done for us. It’s the love of God, which is shown on the cross of Jesus Christ. All of our sins and guilty can be washed away through His blood and then we can come to God. When we really know the meaning of Christ’s death and the meaning of the gospel, we will live a life like the woman, offering all we have to the Lord.