UK Easter Retreat Concludes, After Cross Comes Resurrection

On the 21st of April, the UK Easter retreat was gracefully closed by the Sunday service. Attendees gathered to listen to the message of Jesus’ resurrection in John 20.

Jesus died for the sins of mankind and was raised on the third day, then, he appeared to his disciples. However, they did not recognize the resurrected Lord immediately but stayed in the sorrow of Jesus’ death. Later, when they truly understood the resurrection of the Lord, their hearts were full of joy. Jesus is with the believers all the time, but when being confined in the sorrowful situation, he cannot be recognized and his resurrection cannot be seen. Jesus did not run away when pain and death came, but faced it directly, bearing the punishment for all sins, after that, he resurrected. When following Jesus to walk the path of faith, the cross has to be carried, though denying oneself and emptying out is painful, believers must know the resurrection behind the cross. After the cross there has to be rising again, the joy of the resurrection is what God wants to give. ‘Stop doubting and believe’ is the Lord’s expectation towards believers, going faster with faith and living a life of witnessing the cross and resurrection with a new life in the Lord.

Through this time, members testified, that God poured down abundant grace, revealing His loving and humble heart towards them once more. In the cross, the full image of the loving Father can be seen through the son. Let us pray to accept His love and sacrifice completely, letting us walk the same path as Jesus did.