UK Churches Hold Joint Prayer Vigil

On the evening of 20th June, UK members held an online Prayer Vigil of 3 hours time. Elim UK Representative Dora lead the prayer meeting which was divided into 3 parts, dedicating time of prayer to three major prayer topics for UK. One of the prayer topics was for healing and other 2 prayer topics pointed at mission and setting strong channels that will revive mission in UK and worldwide.

Members prayed to break through in the spiritual battles while holding onto the meaning of work within each of the ministries.

“It is essential to pray and rely on God since we are weak beings. Through this time I realised what God wants from us the most is our hearts of love, absolute faith and dedication to the works for His Kingdom. The rest He will fulfil as long as we hold onto the vision He gave us and run towards it with faith. I believe that during this time God is blessing us more and more, beyond our expectations, it is like a dream come true and we need to confirm ownership of His blessings by emptying our hearts and setting up absolute faith and love towards Him. We must enter the new era of expansion of KOG as reborn in Christ Jesus” expressed UK Elim Representative Dora.