UK Churches Celebrate Winter Retreat at Pilgrim Hall

London and Pilgrim Hall members have celebrated a joint 2-day Winter retreat at the recently acquired Europe OC.   At the retreat, members meditated about the meaning of the birth of Jesus, the coming of the Messiah that historically came to split the history of mankind between BC and AD.

The first day of the retreat started with a service where P. João delivered a message taken from 1 John 1:1-10.    Afterward, there was time for Lunch, fellowship and games, followed by a Bible lecture taken from Matthew 2. There was still time for several children performances from a reading of a poem to several music choreographies. The day ended with a graceful prayer meeting where members could meet God deeply.

On Sunday, the retreat was closed with a Sunday Service and a sermon from Luke 2:1-20 focusing on the story of the birth of Jesus, and how this applies and impacts our lives even today. On the Sunday afternoon, members had various fellowship activities and held a conference discussing and making plans for some of the major challenges facing the churches at this time.