OTM UK Mini-Retreat Opens Teens’ Hearts

This weekend, members from OTM joined the mini-retreat held in Pilgrim Hall, (Europe OC) with other members from Great Britain.

During the event, teens joined in group Bible studies and learned that the Kingdom of God begins with them opening their hearts to receive the word of God. As well as Bible studies numerous other activities were held, including swimming, water fights, cricket and board games.

The OTM leader reflected, “It was very good to see the teens from London again. It’s been so long since we could meet due to the lockdown. I think through this mini retreat their hearts could be opened more and I think being in the open spaces must have been a huge relief after being stuck at home for so long in a big city. I hope they can come again soon.”

May God continue to allow UK teens to grow in their faith through future gathers.