OTM UK Held Monthly Retreat, Learn about the Power of Prayer

Olivet Teen Mission UK held a one-day retreat on Sunday the 26th, with the topic of prayer.

The second generation gathered in Olivet Center Europe and listened to a lecture from 1 Kings 18:41-46 on the story of Elijah praying seven times for rain. Teens could learn about being persistent in prayer and faithful towards God.

“Jesus does not look at our present image, but he has eyes of faith, which only see the beautiful image we will have in the future in his in love. Just as there was only one cloud at the sky, as small as a man’s fist, but Elijah proclaimed there will be great rain. The same view we should have when praying for the work of God. As we set up the faith, God can bring abundant rain through us,” shared the preacher.

After the lecture OA Europe Rep Pastor Joao gave a testimony to the teens, sharing the amazing power that is in the prayer. Elim leader, Pastor Julia, hosted a short prayer meeting, in which teens could apply the message of a faithful prayer and experience the great comfort of God’s love.

The retreat concluded in a reflection time, in which everyone shared a short testimony. Down below are their reflections:

Peter: “I liked the testimonies about prayer and I also liked the breaking bread time. I felt God’s presence when we had this retreat and I really hope we will do more.”

Christopher: “I felt grace when we prayed, because we had our own space to ourselves.”

Christina: “I think the lectures taught me some things about praying, like when God is not answering right away I need to keep praying if I really want God to answer them. Through the testimony I could understand for the first time what prayer can actually do and that God really listens to our prayers.”

Nathanael: “I think the one-day retreat was good, because I got a lot of grace. I think the prayer meeting was the best, because I felt a lot of grace and I had something to think about.”

Let us continue to pray for the teens in UK, that they may be those to grow strongly in the word and prayer and gain a lot of strength as they meet together for retreats.