OTM Intl Prepares UK Trip to Host Retreat, Presentations, & Continental Rep Gathering

Olivet Teen Mission International is preparing leaders to travel to the United Kingdom. During the World General Assembly in October, leaders discovered the number of second-generation teens in the United Kingdom, in both London and Pilgrim Hall, realizing the urgency to set up OTM in this country. Therefore, through this trip, the hope is that UK Teen Mission could be better strengthened.

OTM leaders are preparing to hold a mini-teen retreat to better understand the hearts of the teens and to provide an example teen program to UK leaders. Additionally, presentations will be held for parents, leaders, and students.

A parenting seminar will be provided to understand the emotional, physical, and spiritual development of early adolescence. The seminar includes guidance for parents and members on how to raise teens to grow in the love of God. A presentation of OTM is being prepared to recruit volunteers as well as to reveal how to develop a Teen Mission program in UK by showing examples and strategies.

In addition to this, OTM continental representatives will gather from North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. This time will allow the leaders to discuss important matters on how to raise the second generation in 2019. Topics such as education, camps, and leadership training will be discussed during this time.

After meeting teenagers in winter camps in U.S. and Korea, OTM leadership see this conference as an urgent agenda.