OTM Europe First Student Leader Conference Shares 2020 Goals & Plans with Teens

On December 29th, Olivet Teen Mission Europe held the first online conference with student leaders, which will take place weekly from now aiming to involve teens more in the ministry and to raise them as leaders.

The meeting began by sharing on the role of a student leader, emphasizing the meaning of being a part-taker in God’s history on earth. Setting up student leader from among second generation or teens who are being evangelized is one of the main strategies of OTM Europe in 2020. “We want to raise the ministry together with teens as this is a teen ministry and utilize their passion and energy for the Kingdom of God. Teens have great potential and an open heart for the word, so we hope to unlock the leader inside of them, by giving them more responsibility”, OTM Europe representative shared.

After this introduction, the OTM Europe 2020 goals and plans were presented, so student leaders can have a better understanding of the focus and direction of the coming year. They were asked to pray for these plans and expressed their eagerness to work together for this.

Lastly, OTM Europe leaders encouraged teens to read news daily and to share message reflection weekly to build a basic standard and to come to know the greater picture of the church and the ministry.

Every week student leaders will meet to receive guidance and some task to grow in their position. Please pray, OTM Europe can experience great revival through teens with the heart to serve God.