One Family Starts to Join Prayer Meeting in Croatia

Zagreb Emmanuel church is gaining more people for the weekly prayer meeting. The whole family of committed member Petar started to join from this week.

Pastor Daisy delivered the message with the title of “If I touch the cloak” and some of them received the word with tears. She emphasized the importance of faith when receiving salvation.

“The woman who was suffering from bleeding for 12 years had the faith that Jesus is the true savior and almighty to save her, that is why she thought even the edge of His cloak can save her. We should be challenged by her faith.”

All the attendants prayed for their healing and also prayed for each other. Petar’s mom shared: “I was anointed by the message and could receive great comfort from God.”

The minister reflected “I felt the more people gathered the more powerful the prayer is. I hope many people can experience the deliverance of God through our prayer meeting.”

Event Date: Fri, May 08, 2020