OC Europe Wednesday Service Reminds to Be Awake in Spiritual Battle

On Wednesday April 22nd, Olivet Center Europe members gathered for Wednesday service and listened to the message from Ephesians 6:10-17 delivered by Pastor Jeremiah.

The congregation was reminded of the spiritual battle that is ongoing around them. When in a battle, one needs to know this and not fall asleep, otherwise one gets captivated and lose.

Jesus faced the fiercest battle in the garden of Gethsemane. Because he won the spiritual cross, he could also win on the real cross. Members were exhorted that the spiritual battle is first fought within them and then in the real world. Also this battle should not be judged by human view, because looking with the eyes of the world Jesus died on the cross, but from the heavenly view he won the absolute victory.

Therefore, one needs to know the standard of the battle and not fight by own strength but by the power of the spirit. There are many temptations, the devil as schemes to deceive the believers with the ultimate purpose of making them lose the battle. Satan knows the weak point very well.

Everyone was called to put on the full armor of God, then they can take stand. One needs to realize that this is not just ordinary time but that there is an ongoing spiritual battle. Let us pray, members can have a clear focus and don’t lose time to fulfill the purpose God gave them in life.