OC EU Sunday Service: There is No Failure in the Work of God

On the 26th of May, members in Europe Olivet Center held Sunday service. Pastor Joao gave the message from Isaiah 49:1-6, exhorting attendees to hold the right self-realization and to endure until the end. Every believer is called by God, the origin of their life is not from the earth but heaven. That is the essence of being born again. So it’s necessary to know the heavenly Father and to learn from him. “Satan is always trying to shake our identity, we need to listen to the right words from God. The life we have on earth is like a pilgrimage and is a mission, which is accomplished through fulfilling God’s will”.

Apostle Paul was very clear about his identity, he confessed that he is sent not from men nor by man, but by Jesus Christ and God the Father. When believers have this self-realization, they won’t be shaken easily. “Because of God’s calling, we involve ourselves in God’s mission. Like the prophet Isaiah, sometimes it may seem that we have spent our strength in vain, and we can’t see the fruits that we expected to see. However, we should know that everything we do for God, is recorded preciously and is never forgotten. The most important is to know, that is God is working, he is the one who makes the seed grow. Sometimes we may see the fruits quickly, sometimes slowly after, sometimes we are the ones who sow or water and others will reap.”

Thanks to God’s grace, many members shared after the service, that they received much strength and comfort through God’s words. May all members be able to keep God’s words in their hearts well and to live the right life with God’s words.