OA Ukraine Revamps Website with 3-Language & Blog Feature

Olivet Assembly Ukraine ministers decided to significantly update their church website to improve online evangelism. It was decided to launch three language versions of the website. Since Ukraine is a two-language speaking country, the main language of the website will be in Ukrainian and Russian, English page will be added.

“We want to reach all people in our city including foreigners. That’s why we decided to make such changes,” shared one of the ministers.

One more feature of the future website will be the blog page. Using the marketing approach ministers are going to lead blogs where they will post articles with at least 1600 words weekly, which Google engine will likely recognize as top news and lead more viewers to the website.

So ministers should produce good and interesting content which can attract many people’s attention and motivate them to visit the website and to contact ministers. This work will have more value also because there is not much good protestant church content in the Ukrainian language. Ministers are sure that this kind of approach will work not immediately but in a few months can give good results.

The website is made in cooperation with WOA Design department which is very helpful for the mission.

May God bless ministers to complete the work soon.