OA Europe Strengthens Missions Through Intranet, Weekly Report and Resources

As a new year has come, where a greater focus is being placed on mission and evangelism, the Olivet Assembly of Europe has strengthened its report system through the recent creation of its intranet. Through this, missionaries and other mission staff can write their mission journal. Additionally, a template for weekly reports was introduced through messenger which includes an area for standards, goals, fulfillment, and statistics.

Two more resources were also shared to be used in mission. One is a monthly calendar that ministers can use, for example, to record their daily evangelism statistics such as time, promises and contacts, Bible study appointments, services, group bible study attendants, and newcomers.

Another resource that is included, measures mission statistics weekly and can be used continuously for several months and years. From that data, one can draw several rich and insightful graphics.

These not only give a clear picture of how the mission is progressing weekly and monthly, but also help missionaries and pastors to focus more on their mission and motivates them to keep their standards and reach their goals.