OA Europe Analyzes Strategic OC Establishment & Displays Vision

Going with limited time towards the era of the fruit, the priority in Europe is to open more Olivet Centres through which the region will be able to gain the necessary centripetal strength and foundation that can propel to reach the goal of having indigenous churches settled in 40 countries, 50 cities, and passing the milestone of 1000 members.

Among the OC’s, the most immediate goal and prayer topic is to find and acquire OC’s in Germany and in Russia. The main goals in terms of mission expansion is to complete the G20 network in Europe through reopening churches in Italy and the Netherlands, and have at least 2 flagship churches in the UK and Germany reaching more than 70 members each.

The OC in Germany is of particular importance since Germany is geographically in the centre of Europe, connecting the West and the East. Germany has historically been to the church in Europe, the country to gather, train and send out missionaries to other European countries and cities. Besides that, it is part of the Schengen area, which makes it more accessible for ministers and members from other European countries, and even to non-Europeans. It will become a strength for surrounding countries, including current missions. Germany is the most populous country in Europe region and it has been blessed with a rich Christian history, literature, and theology, being normally regarded as the birthplace of the Protestant Reformation. It is also located in the euro zone and has the 4th largest economy in the world.

Another important OC for Europe, although administratively under CIS region, will be the Russia OC, that will likely be located somewhere between the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Russia OC will be of particular relevance for Ukraine, the Baltic countries and Scandinavia.