London Members Meditate on God’s Generosity During Friday Prayer Meeting

God’s generosity surpasses our expectations and that is why we feel so free in front of Him that even though we committed sins, when we experience rebirth by faith in the blood of Jesus, we truly feel totally new and clean as if we just took a bath.

The first Christians having experienced and opening their eyes to see this immense love of God, they were truly generous and even put their whole possession public available to everyone in their church. Not only that, but even donating to the churches far away. Money, food, clothes they shared, house as well. Their house became a place of gathering to worship God.

That wave of generosity continued on till nowadays and this life style shouldn’t be unfamiliar to us. Being generous shouldn’t happen at Christmas time only but especially at Christmas we should remember God’s generosity and the Lord’s generosity, also our brothers and sisters generosity and we should check if the tents of our hearts have stretched out or rather became more narrow. If our hands don’t stretch out anymore and if we feel stingy inside then we need to be filled again with the real and great love of God which has been already given to us on numerous occasions.

Towards our brothers and sisters we shouldn’t keep an account of their sins or mistakes they committed towards ourselves but rather have a generous and forgiving heart toward them not making them feel uncomfortable and making them pay for each mistake. Since God is being so generous to us we also need to show that broad heart towards our brothers and sisters in Christ and make the church a place of grace and where gospel is alive. Our standard and model should be God and should be Jesus our Lord.

All members prayed in unity and laid down their burdens praying to enlarge the tent of their hearts and asked helped from the Holy Spirit to become more like God our Father and Jesus Christ when it comes to treating others with a generous heart.