London Immanuel Church Relocation Service: On This Rock I Will Build My Church

The relocation service of London Immanuel Church was held on Sunday under the grace of God. The message was delivered by Pastor Andrew from Matthew 16:15-19 titled “On This Rock I Will Build My Church”. Through the sermon, congregants were encouraged to establish a holy church for God, and one that has its center and foundation on the testimony of Jesus as Christ.

Pastor Andrew emphasized that the foundation of the church from beginning to end must be Jesus.
Through the Word, people can come to understand the whole history of God, and grow in faith to have an un-shaking conviction of the same testimony like Peter. So we must teach the wisdom of God – the Word – deeply here.
They looked at Proverbs 9:10, which states: “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

The church is the place to spread the true wisdom, and the knowledge of the Lord to all. So the Bible tells us that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Even in the story of Exodus – the story of a savior coming to the Hebrew nation – the story begins revealing that the midwives feared God, and so this amazing history could be written.

We too must ensure that we build our church always with the fear of the Lord in our faith. We must consider God as above all other things. We must stand in awe of Him, and know that He is truly righteous and holy.

Apostle Paul highlights in Romans 10:3 the problem with Israel’s faith. They were supposed to be the Chosen and prepared nation, who would recognize and receive the Messiah, lift Him up for all mankind. However, they rejected Him, and crucified Him. They rejected the apostles, and the Gospel. The problem was not that they did not learn the Old Testament scriptures well. Nor that they lacked in what they sacrificed, or keeping their spiritual standards. Apostle Paul highlights the problem is they did not know God’s righteousness. They did not know how perfectly righteous and holy God truly is, and they looked upon themselves as if they were more holy and righteous than they were. They did not know the fundamental character of God. They did not fear God, and so they did not revere Him. So even though with their heads they knew the scriptures, but in their hearts they did not know God – His righteousness, holiness, His love, mercy and grace.

So Pastor Andrew urged Immanuel Church members to make a strong foundation. Starting with the fear of the Lord, exalting the Lord, and keeping Him holy. We must be a church that can explicate the Word deeply, not superficially. The Prophet Jeremiah said the Word is like a hammer that smashes, or like a fire that consumes. The knowledge of God, when it is truly delivered to those with open hearts, should change the person like this. So we teach about the righteous and holy God – the fear of the Lord, and then with deep Word we should change the people of this city.

So we wish to reveal the God who embraces sinners by the blood of His son. It’s not done by man’s actions nor deeds, but only by what Jesus has done on the cross.

The true church is built on the testimony that Jesus is the Messiah, the eternal life that even the gates of Hades, death cannot overcome. This testimony is not given by man’s knowledge, but by the work of the Holy Spirit. So it’s the power of the Holy Spirit that can make people realize their salvation, and the church is the tool to bring people to Christ.

Pastor Andrew urged members to remember the authority given to the church. We have been given the keys to the kingdom of heaven. So whether we speak or do not speak is so important. We must give our testimony and bring many people through the door to Jesus Christ, so they can realize their salvation and be reborn in the love of God.
Let us pray London Immanuel Church can be a place where many suffering and lost people of this world can come to meet the Lord.