London Immanuel Church Celebrates Pentecost Sunday: I Will Pour Out My Spirit on All People

London Immanuel Church held a mini-retreat over the weekend of 18-19 May 2024 to celebrate Pentecost.

A series of Bible studies were held on the Saturday focused on understanding the meaning and coming of the Holy Spirit, and a praise night & prayer meeting was held in the evening.

On Sunday, Immanuel Church held a Pentecost Sunday service, with a sermon delivered by Pastor Andrew based on Acts 2:17.  The sermon explained the place of the Holy Spirit from an historical aspect, as well as its meaning and work in our lives today.

Congregants were encouraged and prayed together for the work of the Holy Spirit to be active in each of their lives, and for the Spirit of God to lead the growth of the church, its mission work, and its congregants throughout this year.