Jubilee Europe Conference Was Held in OC Europe

Saturday, March 2nd, Chinese Jubilee UK members had a conference in OC Europe led by Pastor Xavier, coordinator for Jubilee Europe.

Pastor Xavier shared with them that praising God is unique to believers. We praise God because of the joy of salvation. Worldly people can’t understand it.

Jubilee members are like priests. Their commission is to praise God and bring people to praise God. There is power in praise. Jubilee’s commission is to proclaim God’s name on the whole earth. When Joshua’s army took over Jericho, they put the trumpeters at the front. Praising helps in the spiritual fight and changes the spiritual environment. Believers declare God’s sovereignty.

Musicians can be very sensitive so they need to be rooted in the truth of God’s word. They should manage their emotions through the truth, then they can influence others positively. Music surrounds us everywhere and influences people positively or negatively. As musicians, there is this authority as influencers.
So musicians need to have a deep spirituality. This way, listeners will be influenced, not in an emotional way that remains on a shallow level, but in a spiritual way that will draw people closer to God.

Pastor Xavier also presented the works of Jubilee HQ in St Louis, the Orpheum Theater preparations, the opening of G20 countries and preparation of the 17th General Assembly in July. He exhorted UK members to be united with HQ and follow well, so God can bless the ministry’s works.

Jubilee UK members were able to get clear guidance and better insight into what is Jubilee’s commission and how they should look at their commission. Please pray for them to grow into deeply spiritual musicians.