Iglesia Emanuel de Barcelona Dedicated in Spain

On Sunday March 15th, members in Barcelona dedicated the Barcelona Immanuel Church. Pastor Joao delivered a message taken from Revelation chapter 4. There the image of Heaven can be seen.

Through Jesus the door in Heaven was open so that men can go in and the things of Heaven can come down to the earth so that this fallen world will be restored and recover the image of Heaven according to God’s original plan. The local church should resemble the image of Heaven and spread beyond the gate of hades. Heaven is the place where all the beings are living centered on the Lord and worshiping and serving him day and night. With all their eyes they are looking to the Lord, being drawn to him, seeing his beauty and glory, and partipating of his being, becoming one with him, and in that process coming to love, desire and being changed resembling the one they worship.

May the Lord accomplish his good will, plans and purposes through this new church.

Event Date: Sun, March 15, 2020