Germany Congregants Celebrate Pentecost: All Who Call on the Name of the Lord Shall Be Saved


On May 19th, members of the Olivet Assembly Germany celebrated Pentecost together at the Olivet Center. A sermon was delivered on Acts 2 and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Like the Jews celebrated the year of Jubilee, Christians celebrate the cosmic Jubilee when Jesus came. Jesus gained the victory and accomplished salvation for humanity on the cross and the coming of the Holy Spirit manifests this new life that was given to men.

Attendees were exhorted that they are free and new people in Jesus Christ, and that the Holy Spirit is a witness to that. Interestingly, the tongue of people started moving first and revealed that new freedom. Usually, man is bound by Satan and cannot even speak words of truth and love. But by the coming of the Holy Spirit the tongue was loosened and a new era started.

One should not live like one is still bound or alone. The Holy Spirit is always with the believers, reminding them of Jesus’ love, guiding and teaching them. Believers gained the right to sonship and the Holy Spirit is a witness to that. He is given freely to those who ask and all who call on the name of the Lord can be saved. The congregation was called to cry out to God in all their needs, knowing that he will answer.

Also, the song “The Comforter Has Come” was performed by Berlin Immanuel members, and the youth group presented a special program they had prepared.