Europe OC Wednesday Service: Not Because We Are Righteous, But Because Of Your Great Mercy

Wednesday Service has been held at the Europe Olivet Center at Pilgrim Hall. A message on Daniel 9:17-18 was delivered titled “We Make Our Requests To You Not Because We Are Righteous, But Because Of Your Great Mercy”.

The message focused on the prayer of Daniel as he pleads with God to fulfill His word given nearly 70 years before to the Prophet Jeremiah. Our prayers should be like Daniel’s prayer, which was earnest, humble and sincere.

As wretched sinners we have no right to come before God and ask anything of Him. None of us are righteous, not even one of us. However, the fact that we can even make requests to God, and that we can have hope that He would hear and answer us is only because of His great mercy and grace. Because He is the God of mercy, and because He is faithful to us and to His promise, we can pray to Him with confidence that He will listen, and He will answer.

Daniel prays that God fulfills His promise, not for any selfish desire for himself, but for the Lord’s “own sake”. Daniel’s heart is that God’s name and glory be restored in the land. Let us inherit this earnest heart of Daniel as we pray and work, so that our will and the will of God can become one, and all that we do and desire be for the Kingdom of God, and to glorify His name in this land.