Europe OC Sunday Service: ‘You Have Saved the Best Till Now’

Europe Olivet Center members gathered to worship God and receive his word during the first Sunday Service of February. A guest family from China also attended the service and members could meditate on a message taken from John chapter two. There Jesus had been invited to a wedding banquet but after some time the wine ran out. Everyone wishes their lives to be like a banquet and like wine – abundant, passionate, joyful and exciting. Like in a banquet we chose what to put into our plate, our life.

Jesus had been invited to the banquet but the problem was that he was invited just as a guest, as one more out of many. The Christian life is one where I should die to my self-centered life and put Jesus at the center as my bridegroom and husband. That’s when the veil that covers our hearts can be lifted up and instead of the life that is boring and tasteless as water we can experience a new life that is full of love, passion and taste.
It is important to check in our lives if we are living with Jesus as a guest or truly with him as our husband. When the wine ran out, Mary knew the solution. She turns to Jesus and requests the servants to do whatever Jesus tells them. Through obedience to our husband Jesus we can experience the miracle of water changing to wine in our lives. As the servants obeyed, there was no initial change. First they needed to get and set the six jars which can be compared to our standards, then they needed to fill them up to the brim. Eventually through filling up the quantity they experienced the change in quality.

In the end there was the testimony “Everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink; but you have saved the best till now”. The worldly banquet seems very appealing and tasty in the beginning but it comes to decay and loose taste, but the life we can experience in Jesus is the life like wine that gets better with time. Members were challenged to live with Jesus as their husband and experience the life and relationships that will not decay but get better with time.

Event Date: Sun, February 02, 2020