Europe OC Sunday Service Teaches Glory Beyond Suffering

In the morning of March 22nd, Europe Olivet Center members gathered for Sunday service. This time, London members joined the service through a live stream. Pastor Andrew delivered the message from John 16:31 and 17:1, exhorting members to meditate on the glory of the cross through suffering.

Now it’s the season of Lent, meditating on the cross of Jesus is important during this time. In the sermon, Pastor Andrew shared, “We are the ones who are called to follow the cross of Jesus, so are we truly walking the same path as Jesus? The whole life of Jesus is to take the cross, to fulfill the great commission that God gave him. He showed us the way, the truth and the life. Through his suffering, a new era of the Holy Spirit was opened.”

However, the problem is man cannot endure suffering. God does not give his people something easy, beacause he hopes man can walk the narrow path like Jesus. Not many people can walk and endure, but God is guiding them and he wants to give man more precious things. After the cross, there is salvation, that Jesus showed to the world. So if men looks at Jesus and simply follows him, they can experience the same thing.

Also apostle Paul was mentioned who suffered a lot. The reason why he can endure is because he has a right interpretation of suffering, he truly understood the meaning of the cross and hold on to God. Everyone was encouraged to establish faith towards God, knowing that the cross is not just suffering, but it’s the way that teaches men to rely upon God alone and brings them closer and closer to God. Jesus has already overcome the world, so men can also win the victory as long as they are in him.

Let us pray every member can set up true faith to follow the path of Jesus, keep going forward in any circumstance, by participating in the suffering of Christ, so that everyone may also share in his glory.