Europe OC Sunday Service: ‘I Will Give You A Wise and Discerning Heart’

On May 10th, Europe Olivet Center commemorated the day of the Lord, gathering to offer Sunday Service. Pastor Andrew delivered a message from 1 Kings 3:4-14 titled “I Will Give You A Wise and Discerning Heart”.

Many people in the world seek for wisdom, thinking it has something to do with intelligence. But wisdom does not come from man nor from the knowledge of this world, but from God above. We must know this well, and make sure we seek wisdom from the right place; we must seek from above.

When Solomon was made king after his father, David, he did not seek to wield his power and rule with his strength, but with humility he sought God and made 1000 sacrifices to Him.

This pleased God, and the Lord came to Solomon and told him to ask for anything he wanted and it would be given. In this we can see the beautiful image of our God, who trusted and had faith in Solomon. Through the history, fallen man had disappointed God so many times, but still God’s faith and love towards man is unchanging.

We should remember that our God is the faithful and giving Father and He wants to bless us. He does not doubt us, but trusts us immeasurably without calculation.

King Solomon did not betray God’s offer, but then responded with humility. He replies by first remembering who God is – the God who was faithful to his father, David, and that it is only by the grace and love of God that he himself has his position on the throne today. God is the one who gave him all his authority and position.

Solomon makes himself small, saying he is “like a little child”, and insufficient for the responsibilities being placed upon him. So with humility he seeks wisdom from God, to lead the people of God wisely according to God’s will.

“We might also face this situation; where we feel like we lack so much, and we are so insufficient, not knowing how to fulfil the responsibilities and work given to us,” said Pastor Andrew. “And so just like Solomon, we need to rely upon God and seek wisdom from heaven above.”

We are able to see when Solomon made himself small, confessing his weaknesses and insufficiencies, asking for God’s help and mercy, then God is the one who raises Solomon up greatly. It is not for man to raise ourselves up, but God alone can do this.

This reply of Solomon touched God’s heart, and we next see that God truly is the God of abundance. Not only does he grant Solomon wisdom, but he grants it abundantly. He says he will make Solomon wiser than any man that had come before him, and even after him there would be no one like him. Not only that, but even things Solomon did not ask for, God still grants it to him – both wealth and honor.

Members were reminded that God wants to bless us, and He wants to give all good things to us. We cannot even begin to comprehend the heart and blessings of God. He even gives to us blessings beyond what we can think to ask for. He always makes the way for us, and prepares many blessings for us in advance even before we can think to ask for them.

We must remember God chose us out from this world. We are not here today by chance. But God guided us here, opened our eyes and made us clean by the blood of the lamb. He has distinguished us and wants to set us up as a source of blessings in this world. He loves us, and wants to bless us.

So now we should no longer lean on our own understanding, but trust in the Lord with all our hearts. God promises He will give wisdom to those who ask. Let us seek the true wisdom from above, so that we may be guided in all our mission work, our ministry works, even our relationships and our personal spiritual standards, that we may become a source of God’s blessings to this world.