Europe OC Sunday Service “A River That No One Could Cross”

On November 17th, Olivet Center Europe came together for Sunday service. A message was given by Pastor Joao Cardoso from Ezekiel 47:1-5.

Ezekiel had a experience of the Kingdom of God. How does the Kingdom of God spread? It has already come but not yet. Christians have the dream of God to restore the broken world and to bring about the original purpose.

However, this is a battle. It started with Jesus and spread to Galilee, then to Jerusalem, then to Judea and many other places. “Sometimes we only see the small scale of works I am doing and we can be confined in it. But we need to look beyond ourselves because God’s work is beyond our imagination, there is a greater picture.”

For the Kingdom of God to continue to spread the next generation needs to be raised. It is not about being a legend, but to leave a legacy, the people after me can even do greater things.

“When we say Thy Kingdom Come, it can be tempting to only have the desire of the it. We are waiting for God to fulfill it, but in Acts 1 we see it is an urgent matter, that we need work towards diligently.”

Ezekiel describes the water coming out from the temple, it becomes deeper and deeper until it is a river that no one can cross. The Holy Spirit needs to flow from within the believers and the church until it is a river that no one can cross. sometimes people live with their own direction and ideas for life, then water is only ankle-deep and can easily be passed.

The Kingdom of God can only be experienced through the Holy Spirit. We need to immerse ourselves in the Holy Spirit. When the true prayer and word abounds in us, we cannot just go on the way we lived before, but we are taken by the river, this is the power of the Holy Spirit. There is no way that we can cross but we will be changed and the Holy Spirit will guide us.

From verse 6-12 it describes, that wherever the river flows there will be blessing and life.

Let us pray to become the temple from which the river flows out, giving life to many people.