Europe OA Sets Goals for 2020

Europe OA identified the following direction and main 10 goals for the year 2020, that are as follows:

1. Complete the G20 countries: Italy and the Netherlands till Easter
2. Grow current 8 churches beyond pre-church level to more than 24 members till Summer
3. Establish Missions as Church and Fellowship in 24 countries including Ireland, Portugal, Romania, Poland, and
4. Establish a large OC in Central Europe (possibly Germany)
5. Raise 70 members, 40 leaders, including prophets , teachers, deacons, evangelists, and overseers
6. Develop the ministries of Elim and Youth Fellowships to cowork with churches and spur missions
7. Develop TM and start Vine ministry in Europe
8. Hold 2 OLI’s in the Summer and Winter and raise a new generation of leaders
9. Build GA team with 3 staff till Easter, 7 till Winter
10. Make Word server and manual for church planting