Europe Mission Expansion: Three Families to be Dispatched to Southwest Countries in January

Three families have been appointed to strengthen mission in Southwest Europe countries and are scheduled to be dispatched on the first month of 2020.

After the settlement of the Europe OC and TM, the priority for 2020 will be mission expansion. Four families will be sent in the second half of January to France, Spain, and Portugal.

P. Nathanael family will be going to Paris, P. Javier family to Lisbon.

Additionally, P. João family will be moving to Barcelona that will become a pivot to support Europe missions and do missionary journeys throughout the continent.

The three countries will also be strategic to form a network with Africa, Latin America, and their new OC’s.

For the year 2020 the next priority is to open the countries of Italy and the Netherlands and in this way complete all the G20 countries.