By the Grace of God, Ukraine Dedicates New Church Place in Kyiv

By the Grace of God, Kyiv Emmanuel church held a dedication service on March 3rd in Ukraine.

Pastor Volodymyr delivered the message from Mark 4 and Isaiah 40, speaking about the vision of this church. The minister said that “We didn’t know each other before, but because of God we came to know each other and we gathered here. God has a dream which became our dream, that is the restoration of the Kingdom of God.”

He said “This kingdom of God looks like a mustard seed that is small but will grow and bear fruit. The image of our church is like a mustard seed as well, but we trust that we will grow and bear fruit. That is why the meaning and symbol of the seed is hope. That is why we will not in despair but have hope for our future. With hope, what should Emmanuel church do? That we need to comfort our people.”

“Here many people are difficult both physically and spiritually. People are looking for comfort. Emmanuel church should hold and mediate to the people with these two vision that is hope and the comfort of God. This is the purpose of our church. Let’s show God’s hope and God’s comfort as we already received this freely from God through Jesus Christ.”

Brother Ivan led all worship songs both the hours of service preparation and service.  Andrew Roman held a children service, teaching about the life of Jesus. Through that time, children could learn about the life of Jesus.

After service, All participants had a joyful fellowship, served each other with the World of God and food.