Bucharest Emmanuel Church: ‘For I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel’

Bucharest Emmanuel Church’s recent Wednesday Service was filled with grace, with a sermon based on Romans 1:16, titled “For I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel”.

Apostle Paul testified that he is not ashamed of the gospel because it is the only power to save one from sin.

In the days of Paul, many could be ashamed of the gospel, because Jesus died on the cross; a punishment reserved for the worst sinners and criminals.

But the Lord changed its meaning entirely. The Lord who was sinless was hung upon that cross for our sake, to remove all the stains of sin and dress us with His own robe of righteousness. He paid the price for each one of us and opened the door to God’s Kingdom for all humanity.

Within the gospel we find salvation and healing. No other power can heal us and lift us up as the beloved children of God Almighty. Our identity is now the sons and daughters of God.

With the power of love within the gospel, we have authority to bring salvation and healing to those around us.

All participants were exhorted to check themselves; whether they are ashamed of the gospel, and become bold evangelists, winning many to Christ in this era.