Berlin Immanuel Christmas Retreat Concludes in Abundant Grace

On December 23rd, Berlin Immanuel church concluded its Christmas retreat with the abundant grace by being taught about what God had done for the sinners. P. Moriah gave two lectures which are taken from Hosea and John and explained the love of God that had been revealed throughout the history and His Son Jesus Christ. Attendees were deeply touched by the messages and testified how deep and great God’s love is towards human beings. They said that they were comforted a lot through the retreat.

They gathered for the prayer meeting, shared the prayer topics and prayed for one another. One African who came from Nigeria shared how he experienced the Holy Spirit and was able to meet Jesus deeply. He said that he couldn’t ignore the existence of God because of his personal experience and he still feels God’s presence whenever he calls for Him. He showed his willingness to come for the service continuously.

A church minister gave thanks to God that He allowed this gathering and poured down His grace to each person’s heart. She was also thankful to those who prepared and served this retreat with the prayer and much love.