Barcelona Wednesday Service: The Report of Faith

The OA Europe President Office in Barcelona celebrated Wednesday Service with a message taken from Numbers 13 and 14.

There, 12 leaders from the 12 tribes of Israel return after exploring the Canaan, as God had guided them through Moses, and shared their reports. Although they all went together and saw the same land, 10 of them gave a report of unbelief and 2 of them – Joshua and Caleb – gave a report of faith.

Listening to the report of the majority, the Israelites cried and despaired. They started to grumble against Moses and God, starting to conclude that the Lord was bringing them to this land to let them fall by the sword. Some of them consider and are about to decide to go back to Egypt.

As we go through our path of faith and face challenges in our ministries it can be easy to become confined in the small picture and just see and analyse the outward reality that may sometimes seem bleak and discouraging. However, faith is knowing in our hearts the simple truth that we were called by him out of the world where we once were slaves, that he makes us go through the desert to purify us, train us, turning us into a holy nation, and that he will allow us to enter and conquer Canaan land, an abundant land filled with idols from other nations that we should destroy and purify like heavenly salt.

Similarly, the one who called us will justify us, sanctify us, and ultimately glorify us. God is good and faithful from beginning to end and he will surely bring about his promise. May we be the ones that like Joshua and Caleb can live interpreting our life with faith and planting that faith in others through a report of faith. If the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land and give it to us. Only do not rebel, do not be afraid. The Lord is with us.